Fog Security

SMOKECLOAK...............YOU CAN`T STEAL, WHAT YOU CAN`T SEE……For Schools, Retail, Warehouse, Jewellers And Residential.

BRS Fire & Security Limited have installed throughout the United Kingdom and in Ireland, Holland, Belgium and Germany. We have unrivalled experience with Smokecloak systems and are a Manufacturer Registered Company.

Smokecloak's patented security system, covers the area in a blanket of fog providing protection in the time gap between the alarm detecting an intruder and the security forces responding, making it almost impossible for the intruder to find anything to steal!

Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in. Install SmokeCloak on the premises and within seconds of a break-in the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog. This provides an effective barrier and forces the intruders to leave the premises.

If you have ever posed the question: "How do I secure my business against theft or burglaries?" then look no further.

From your home office through to distribution warehouses, residential clients protecting their family heirlooms, to museums protecting our nation’s treasures, SmokeCloak protects them all. Starting in the early nineties with its roots in protecting commercial properties overnight, the products flexibility and success inevitably led it into other areas; we are now protecting both the valuables and more importantly employees from the increasing threat of a daytime attack.

SmokeCloak have the largest and most diverse range of Fog generators in the market and are divided into three ranges, SmokeCloak Easy, VALI and the IPX25. Offering a choice between six devices SmokeCloak can tailor the design specifically to your premises and the required application.



Protection In The Home... Use Smokecloak to protect your home when unoccupied, working automatically as part of your alarm system, to give zero visibility to any would be intruders. Protect against night time intrusion by placing units in areas such as hallways & landings, once activated, creating an instant barrier between the upper & lower floors. Smokecloak can also be used to protect you and your family from daytime attacks, and in situations were your intruder alarm would not normally be armed. By carrying wireless panic buttons you can manually activate the smoke units at the press of a button, and retreat to a safe place. Warning signs are placed at the points of entry to your property to show that your home is protected by Smokecloak.

Is the fog emitted harmful?
No. It is not real smoke - it is a glycol vapour and is harmless.  We have a report along with a health and safety datasheet which analyses this in great detail, and copies are available.  A similar substance is also used in theatres, discos and e-cigarettes.
How do you recommend the fog is extracted?
After turning off the alarm system, doors and windows can be opened to create a through-draught. The fog should always be evacuated after activation.
Will the fog damage clothing/personal computers/money etc.?
No.   Provided it is installed and maintained correctly it will not cause any damage.
What happens if the alarm system is accidentally triggered?

SmokeCloak will only operate when the alarm system instructs it to do so.  However, when the alarm system is un-set (i.e. during the day) several internal circuits prevent SmokeCloak operating on its own - even if the alarm system malfunctions. 
How many times can SmokeCloak operate on one container of fluid?
It takes 0.45cc of fluid to make 1m3 of vapour. The amount of activations will therefore depend on: Machine, Room Size, Fluid bottle being used.
A SmokeCloak can therefore activate a number of times on a single bottle of fluid. A sensor in the fluid bottle will tell the alarm control panel if it is ‘low fluid’ or if it is out of fluid ‘no fluid’.
Will SmokeCloak operate in the event of a mains failure?
Yes - battery back-up is standard on our machines. The control circuits and pumps (in the event of activation) are backed up but not the main heater.  If the mains power is cut the temperature of the heater block assembly slowly drops and so the maximum smoke production capability reduces, but the system will still provide protection for at least 30 minutes.
Does the installation of SmokeCloak affect insurance cover?
Some major insurance companies are offering discounts for the inclusion of SmokeCloak in risk improvement measures.
How does SmokeCloak affect third-party liability?
MSS Professional has arranged an insurance policy to provide public liability cover in the event of a bodily injury arising from the effects of SmokeCloak. This cover is provided free to all SmokeCloak machines provided they have been installed and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.